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What you need to know about  fleas and flea products:

  • Fleas don't die in winter months; they live on wild life and stray dogs and cats
  • 1 flea will lay 100 eggs a day
  • Flea eggs will hatch every 2 to 3 weeks
  • You will need to use a flea product for 6 months to get through the life cycle of a flea
  • How the flea product works, they need to bite your pet to die
  • You will also need to treat your home, car, or anywhere your pet hangs out

4-Step Flea Relief:

  1. TREAT ALL PETS: If pet has had a bath or swam wait 24 hours before applying the topical product. Bathe using a soap free shampoo. DO NOT USE A FLEA SHAMPOO OR YOUR PRODUCT WILL NOT WORK.  Remove any collars, bandannas etc. from around the neck. Applying the product at night is recommended so that the family does not pet the area. Spread the fur until you see the skin on the back of the neck, apply product (no rubbing in is necessary). If using an oral product make sure to give it with a meal.
  2. TREAT HOME/CAR: Using vacuum with crevice tools, vacuum thoroughly moving furniture and cushions. Remove the vacuum bag and put it outside in the garbage. If using a bagless vacuum, empty after each use rinsing in hot water. Spray Siphotrol (available here) on all carpeting, upholstery, drapes, rugs and other fabric surfaces. Stay off the sprayed areas for at least 2 hours.
  3. WASHABLE LINENS: Gather all washable linens, your bedding, throw rugs, pets bedding and comforters into a garbage bag. DO NOT SHAKE OUT. Any shaking out of the linens will result in flea and eggs being scattered. Wash accordingly.
  4. You need to do the 2 and 3 steps every 2 weeks until your flea issue is gone, then keep your pet on preventative all year long.

Flea products available at VetMED:

  • Siphotrol Spray
  • Capstar: 24 hour flea kill tablet (starts working in 30 minutes)
  • Easyspot: monthly topical for cats
  • Bravecto cat: 3 month topical for cats (pet needs to have a current exam at our hospital)
  • Revolution: a monthly topical cats (pet needs a current exam at our hospital)
  • Parastar: monthly topical for dogs
  • Bravecto dog: 3 month oral tablet  for dogs (pet needs to have a current exam at our hospital)
  • Simparica dog: a monthly oral tablet for dogs (pet needs to have a current exam at our hospital)